Performance Incentives

Engage your audience with powerful experiences… 
The avalon Impact

Show your teams, customers and partners just how much you value them with exciting incentive itineraries specially designed to recognise, reward and retain.

With the pressure always on to drive sales and performance in the workplace, incentives are an essential part of rewarding and encouraging success. We work with our clients to create targeted incentives that align with their brand ethos, inspire their teams, and provide cost-effective ways to power engagement.

Whether it’s a group travel incentive to build relationships with key stakeholders, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for stellar staff members, or a retreat for your top-performing sales team, we create truly unique incentive travel experiences both in the UK and overseas for some of the world’s most familiar brands.

Our extensive services cover a wide range of essential incentive event factors, including:

  • Creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience away from the norm designed to make lifelong memories.
  • Building a comprehensive communications plan to motivate your delegates whose attendance depends on sales targets, measuring all engagement and analytics or simply rewarding customers for their loyalty to your brand.

With our knowledge of destinations, venues and a tried and tested global network of hotel and charter suppliers, we create compelling experiences that drive engagement anywhere in the world!


Landing on a safari game reserve runway

Helicopter transfer landing on the roof top of a gala dinner villa

Yacht viewing at the Monaco Grand Prix for Sales Achievers

Private plane to Jersey for a Michelin starred lunch and overnight stay for Sales Achievers

18 hot air balloons taking off at the same time at sunrise over a South African Game Reserve

Harley Davison transfer from Signal Hill to an exclusive dinner venue in Cape Town

Bespoke tours in speedboats, tuk tuks, snowmobiles, Go Cars and any mode of transport except coaches!

Iceland Heli landing on a Glacier for lunch

Gliding in Provence, Microlights over the Victoria Falls & Zambezi River

2CV, Classic and Supercar Tours in Provence, Reims and Tuscany